Monday, February 7, 2011

Cencership: Should certain material be restricted to select groups, or banned entirely from the Internet?

I chose this question for many reasons.  There are plenty of personal and private information that anyone that is computer friendly can access easily. I agree that certain material should be restricted.  For
instance, certain websites that can tell your criminal background.  I think that is a violation to your privacy.  I think that it is appropriate if you need a background check for a job, but not just anyone should be able to access your record at anytime.  People tend to judge others for what they have done in the past, but the truth is everyone makes mistakes.  I,have also heard about these websites where you can find out about anyone for a membership fee.  With these different websites you can find out telephone numbers, addresses, and even birthdays.  Even if someone pays a membership fee all of those things are private information that should be restricted.  In my opinion if I want someone to really know where I'am at, I will be more that willing to be available.  And you wont even have to pay a membship fee.

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