Sunday, January 30, 2011

"What I hope to get out of CSI 112 this semester'.

What I hope to learn from CSI 112 this semester is the knowledge of computers and computing.  I'am 25 years old and feel like I know nothing.  I would first like to know the basics of computing and the fundamentals of the internet.  I have a four year old daughter who is in preschool and is already in a computer class.  I realize further knowledge of computers is what I need to help me in this technical world today.


  1. I completely understand where your coming from! That must be awkward for your four year old to be working on computers and you not knowing too much about them. I admire your courage to want to learn all you can and knowing how important it is to do so! Good Luck with your learning!

  2. Its good to have a goal to work towards. You will do fine.

  3. I was a young mom, too. My girls are now 24 & 25; one was married this past May. I was a single mom for 16 years and remarried eight years ago. I am 45 now and living life to the fullest! I think it's fine to pay your dues when you are young - when you're my age you can fully embrace the next 50 years!